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We help senior executives, entrepreneurs and professionals
make the most of the relationships through which
they create value, lead and achieve

in the space where business, cultural,
interpersonal, and personal factors mingle

where hierarchy and networks intersect
in the interplay between economic and ‘people’ drivers of behaviour
and where strategy and ‘poetry’ come together
poetry means flair, creativity and innovation
and caring for language which has the power
to inspire and to undermine –
through language we collaborate and conflict
so we need to use it wisely
we add value through
‘best in context’ approaches
promoting insight, technique and confidence
strategically and operationally aligned where that makes sense
formatted as
coaching and mentoring,
conflict management and collaborative practices
team facilitation,
masterclasses and tutorials

Greg Spiro MBA, Chartered MCIPD, CEDR Accredited Mediator, Certified Intercultural Mediator

Greg is the founder of SpiroNicholson Singapore. He has 30 years experience in organisational consulting, executive coaching, conflict resolution and management education. Clients range from Accor Hotels, United Distillers (now Diageo), M & G Investments, GE Asia, Barclays Capital, Glaxo SmithKline Asia Pacific. Xerox, BT, National Health Service, Royal College of Nursing and the BBC.

Greg helps clients lead and manage strategic change and craft collaborative practices. He worked for 8 years as a ‘change agent’ with the United Distillers Executive following the Guinness acquisition of the Distillers Company (Johnnie Walker, Gordons, Dewars, Pimms) The business was internationalising very rapidly through its programme of brand and distributor acquisition. The interplay between organisational, regional and ethnic cultures often raises thorny issues so Greg’s mission is to help clients build their key relationships and ennact their opportunities with technique, skill and insight. They explore the kind of leader they want to be and the kind of leading their business needs.

In a previous stint in Asia Pacific Greg was as an independent member of the United Distillers Asia Pacific executive. He also coached and facilitated teams running joint ventures with Moet-Hennessy in Thailand and throughout the region where the contrasting styles of the principals needed to be flexed.
He also worked closely with the CEO of the Australian business and the management team encouraging them to get in charge of the business above the level of their functional responsibilities. His extensive experience includes financial services, media, IT, health care, hospitality, industrial conglomerates and social enterprise.

While emphasising the development of clients’ strengths, he also brings conflict resolution to any impasse blocking the path to fulfillment of business goals and relationships. Ultimately he sees himself as a facilitator of dialogue and modes of leading for an inter-connected world.

Greg is a former Visiting Lecturer in Interpersonal Management Skills at London Business School and from 2003-13 taught Negotiation, Change Management and cross-cultural factors in international business on the Georgetown University (Washington DC) Graduate Program in International Management with Oxford University.

Greg designs and leads masterclasses, workshops and tutorials. Some cients prefer the one on one tutorial format for time flexibility and to explore skills development in a private, customised forum.

Greg relocated to Singapore in 2013 with his wife Caroline who is a painter and illustrator of the SpiroNicholson website.

Clients write

“As Head of Talent and Organisation Development, I have found Greg to be consistently insightful, patient, reflective, pragmatic and professional. He is a true thinking partner and finds ways to make a contribution beyond the immediate assignment. Our conversations have always offered me valuable insights – both into the coaching assignment at hand and into wider systemic issues that need to be addressed in the organisation. I cannot recommend Greg highly enough.”
Cara McCarthy M&G Investments”

‘From a backward looking, introverted and declining company to a strategically envisioned, outwardly focused and growing organisation…Greg Spiro worked closely with us throughout that transition and it would not be too far fetched to say that it would not have happened without him!’

‘The challenge was to unlock the leadership and management potential of top management…Greg Spiro facilitated, mentored and guided the Executive team to realise that potential. The result was a business that became number one in its sector’.
‘One of the great challenges to a global organisation is recognising that often there are several culturally different ways of achieving the same end. Greg Spiro was instrumental in pushing for and achieving a transition from ‘colonial’ management styles to culturally empathic management’.
Barry Fitzgibbon: Japan Pacific Director Diageo plc and former CEO of United Distillers, Australia

“As leader of a specialist technical team, I’d struggled for some time to find a way to build a more effective team and to resolve the friction between some of its members. SpiroNicholson’s collaborative and supportive approach to dispute mediation and interpersonal skills development helped me to get over those stumbling blocks and the team and its members made tangible progress as a result of their engagement.”
Senior executive, Public Service Broadcasting


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