We are launching an exciting project we call DIFFERENT WORLDS

an opportunity for individuals, teams and communities to explore their world from different perspectives through the worlds of artists and those who operate in different worlds.


Do you ever wonder about the limitations of the jargon and frameworks you use in your work domains?

What happens to you if you hear a catchy tune, go to a live gig, see a painting or watch a movie that turns you on?

How might live performance be a great way to reflect on your own leadership performance?

Could reading an article, poem or book that is faraway from the conventional language of leadership and business just be the key to innovation, renewed motivation and energy?

It can be refreshing for the mind, energy giving, reflective from a different perspective.

What happens to you if you chat with a jazz musician, an artist, photographer, combat veteran, wild life expert, actor, olympic athlete, peace negotiator, politician, mindfulness guru, dancer, astronaut?

We will offer a series of events that give you an opportunity to steer yourself and your teams in the direction of different worlds of performing, thinking and relating to others.

  • workshops, talks, conference events
  • theatre, gigs and gallery visits explored with our different worlds partners and associates
  • leadership coaching and team building triggered by artefacts and language from different worlds 

Launch Event 2016:

Jazz and Leadership:

Jazz up your Business with Jeremy Monteiro and Greg Spiro

Announcement soon